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The City of Thorold is working on a new Strategic Plan that will set a clear vision for the future and prioritize projects that are most important in our community.  We are looking to the future and working together to explore how we can emerge stronger from pandemic and position Thorold for future success.

From now until October 2020 the City of Thorold is prioritizing projects, programs, investments and community partnerships based on the following issues:

Business and Economic Growth - How can we build a stronger, more balanced tax base and encourage career opportunities for current and future generations?

Responsible Growth and Infrastructure Planning - How can we build and sustain infrastructure that makes our community proud?

Vibrant, Inclusive Neighbourhoods - How can we create safe, attractive, accessible places for everyone in our community?

Service Modernization - How can we modernize and continuously improve to provide exceptional customer service experiences?

Hearing from residents and businesses is an important part of our strategic planning process.

We invite you to complete our online survey before September 18, 2020 by clicking the green button below:  

Please note that the survey is being conducted by an external firm, and no personal information will be collected through the survey.  All feedback will be summarized and considered by City Council this fall.

We expect a final version of the Strategic Plan will be available before the end of the year.  Please check for updates.

Thank you for your feedback.  Please share this opportunity with friends, family and neighbours in the community.


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