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How to Apply For a Residential Rental License

Submit a completed application form which may be found by clicking here for a New RRL application or here for a Renewal RRL application or obtained from City Hall.

Applications must be made in person at City Hall by either the owner or an authorized agent of the owner.

Application forms must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Application fee (currently $500)
  • Completed self-certification checklist which may be found by clicking here
  • Floor Plan (samples can be found by clicking here)
  • Parking plan (sample can be found by clicking here)
  • Property management plan which may be found by clicking here

Note: A fire safety plan maybe required as an additional submission when required by the Ontario Fire Code

The Residential Rental Licensing Program assists the municipality with regulating municipal by-laws and assists with keeping the rental properties in Thorold safe and healthy for the occupants.

Residential Rental Licensing also assists with educating landlords and tenants on the existing by-laws as well as minimum health and safety requirements within the dwelling units and the associated properties.

Licensed residential rental properties are listed on the City of Thorold website as well as with Brock University and Niagara College. These resources are provided so that potential renters can verify whether or not a unit or property has been inspected and licensed.

Residential Rental Licenses are valid for a period of 2 years.

When Do I Need a Residential Rental License?

All new and existing residential rental properties require a license from the municipality; except:

  • Apartment buildings containing 5 or more separate dwelling units, all of which have a common entrance from grade and each of which has an independent entrance from a common corridor
  • A rental unit that is occupied by all owners of the rental unit as their sole residence and in which no more than two bedrooms are occupied by tenants
  • Student residence/dormitory operated by a University, College or private operator provided it is zoned as such under the Zoning By-law
  • A hotel, inn or bed and breakfast
  • A group home as regulated by the City of Thorold Group Home by-law
  • Rental units which are regulated by any of the following statutes:
    • Homes for Special Care Act
    • Innkeepers Act
    • Long-Term Care Homes Act
    • Retirement Homes Act
    • Social Housing Reform Act

A copy of the Residential Rental Licensing By-law can be found here.

If you have additional questions regarding the Residential Rental Licensing By-law please contact us at:

(905) 227-6613

Page Description: Information regarding residential rental licensing and when you will be required to obtain this licence.


Properties with issued Residential Rental Licence, click here

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