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Welcome, students!

Whether you are just beginning your academic journey, or are returning for another semester, we welcome you to the City of Thorold! Located in the centre of the Niagara region, Thorold is home to nearly 24,000 residents and is a vibrant community offering many things to enjoy, including parks and trails, cafes and restaurants, and many local shops in the downtown core.

We know that adjusting to living in a new community can sometimes be challenging, so we’ve provided some resources and useful information below to help. Be sure to check out our Residential Rental Licensing Program, which assists with keeping the rental properties in Thorold safe and healthy for tenants just like you. 

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How to be a Good Neighbour

Here is some helpful information on how to be a good neighbour in the City of Thorold.

Responsible property maintenance

As a responsible tenant, ensure you review your tenancy agreement with your landlord and clarify whom is responsible for the maintenance of the building and property.

The City of Thorold has by-laws regulating the minimum standards that properties are to be maintained to. Some examples include:

  • Keeping all grass and weeds under 200mm (8”) tall
  • Not storing garbage outside unless in a closed top container to prevent the entry of vermin
  • Cleaning up garbage and debris from the property
  • Only placing garbage at the curbside on the designated garbage collection day
Waste and recycling disposal
  • Green Bin and recycling are collected every week, garbage is collected every-other-week. To find your collection day, use the calendar tool at or download the Niagara Region Waste app available on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Single family homes and apartments with six units or fewer have limit of two bags or cans of garbage per unit, every-other-week
  • Ensure all materials are at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on collection day, and no earlier than 5 p.m. the evening before
  • All curbside containers and any items that were not collected must be removed from the curb no later than 7 p.m. on your collection day
  • Large household item (i.e. couches and mattresses) pick-ups must be booked two working days prior to your collection day. To make arrangements complete an online form at 
Noise and gatherings

Part of being a good neighbour is being respectful towards others and the neighbourhood. The following are tips to minimize neighbourhood disturbances while having fun.

  • Keep noise to a level that will not disturb your neighbours
  • Gatherings should remain indoors or on your property and controlled to reduce the probability that it may become a nuisance to neighbours
  • Keep the music and or noise at an acceptable level not to disturb the neighbours
  • Refrain from public disturbances including trespassing, vandalism, public urination, etc.
  • Maintain your property clean and clear of waste at all time
  • Completely refrain from entering onto rooftops of any property
  • Ensure vehicles are not blocking, stopping or obstructing the use of a sidewalk or driveway
  • Refrain from engaging in any verbal or physical altercations with the public and or persons
  • Have fun in a responsible and respectful manner

The City of Thorold has a Noise By-law as well as a Public Nuisance By-law that identifies prohibited acts within the municipality. 

Moving in or out? 

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Please be considerate to others when moving in or out. The following are some helpful tips:

  • Don't block sidewalks with vehicles
  • Don't leave items or garbage outside around the property
  • Do not place waste at the curb unless it is your designated garbage day

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from students each year. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll be sure to help.

What happens if our house has more than 2 bags of garbage to put out on our designated garbage day?

At garbage collection times, you are permitted to place 2 garbage bags at the curb free of charge. For any additional bags, you must purchase a “garbage tag” and affix to the bag in a clear and visible location. Untagged bags will not be collected and you may be subject to a visit and or inspection by the Waste Management and or City of Thorold by-law officer. Monetary penalties may apply. Additional garbage tags may be purchased at your local convenience store. 

Am I responsible for maintaining the rental property I live in?
Keeping your property free of litter and other debris is part of being a good neighbour.  Property maintenance expectations should be outlined in the tenancy agreement that you signed. If you are unclear on these expectations or what you are responsible for as the tenant, ask your landlord or property manager.
Do by-law officers have the authority to enter onto the property I am living at without my consent?

The Municipal Act does allow an officer to enter onto your property without your consent for the purpose of inspection. Generally the officers will identify themselves at the time of visit, however they may proceed with an exterior inspection of the entire property regardless whether someone is at home or not. It is important that you keep in mind that the officer has the authority and the ability to issue monetary penalties to the property for any identified violations which would support that specific penalty. Monetary penalties may be assessed to the property without your consent as the lawful occupier and or owner and are significant in nature.

Can I park over night on the street?

Yes, you are permitted to park your vehicle overnight on the street for a maximum of 12 hours, unless signage prohibits on street parking in that area, or a winter event parking ban is in place.

For more information on parking in the City of Thorold, visit

There are no parking spaces left on my street. What are my options?

If there is no available space to park on your street, you may choose to park on a different street which may allow for parking. In addition, please consider using your garage (if available) to park your vehicle.

If you have multiple vehicles in your household, you may also consider strategically parking all vehicles on the driveway to allow for additional spaces.

The City's Parking By-law prohibits parking on the apron, (the space below your driveway between the sidewalk and the roadway). Vehicles found in violation will be subject to a parking penalty.

Can I park downtown for free?

There are many parking options available for residents and visitors to park throughout the City of Thorold. 

We have eight municipal-owned public parking lots in the city, including permit-only lots, pay-by-plate lots and free lots. All lots are conveniently located close to amenities. You can view the City's interactive map to see all public parking lot locations in the city here.

If you are interested in registering for a monthly parking permit for a permit-only lot, visit our Parking Permits page.

Can I park my vehicle on my front lawn or grass?

No, according to the City’s Yards Parking By-law, you are not permitted to park a vehicle in the front yard or side yard. 

When is it appropriate to contact the City's By-law Division?

If you have concerns with the condition of the property you are renting, we recommend you contact your landlord or the property manager to communicate these concerns. If your landlord or property manager does not address your concerns within a reasonable timeframe, you may contact the City's By-law Division at 905-227-6613 x425 or

Are there additional resources available to tenants?

Below are some additional resources you may find useful:

School resources:

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