Official Plan

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The Official Plan was approved by the Niagara Region on April 28, 2016.

The Official Plan for the City of Thorold is a land use planning document that guides and shapes development by identifying where and under what circumstances specific types of land uses can be located. It is used to ensure that growth and development appropriately balances social, economic, cultural and environmental interests of the community.

Official Plan (Full Text)

Part A The Vision and Land Use Concept

Part B Land Use Policies

Part C Environmental and Ground Water Management Policies

Part D General Development Policies

Part E Plan Implementation and Administration

Part F Site Specific Special Policy Areas


Schedule A Land Use

Schedule A-1 Thorold Proper

Schedule A-2 Urban Area East of the Welland Canal

Schedule A-3 Rolling Meadows Secondary Plan

Schedule A-4 Port Robinson East Special Policy

Schedule A-5 Port Robinson West Neighbourhood Structure Plan

Schedule A-6 Port Robinson West Land Use Plan

Schedule A-7 Brock Business Park Area Land Use Plan

Schedule B Natural Heritage System

Schedule C Floodplains and Hazard Lands

Schedule D Transportation and Utilities

Schedule D-1 Port Robinson West Active Transportation Plan

Schedule D-2 Brock Business Park Area Active Transportation Plan and Public Realm Improvements

Schedule D-3 Brock Business Park Area Infrastructure

Schedule E Cultural Heritage Sites


Appendix A Definitions

Appendix B Rolling Meadows Urban Design

Appendix C Port Robinson West Urban Design Guidelines

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