Planning and Development

The Planning & Development Department is responsible for all Development Review and Land Use Policy within the City of Thorold. Planning is guided by the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, the Niagara Region Official Plan and the City of Thorold's Official Plan and Zoning By-Laws.

The Planning department's role is to:

  • Review/approve both long-range policy planning (Official Plan and Secondary Plans).
  • Review/approve current development proposals (Zoning By-Law, Plan of Subdivision, Site Plan Control, Minor Variance and Consent).
  • Review, develop and apply land use policies and land use By-Laws.
  • Provide planning advice to Council, residents and landowners.
  • Balance the interests of people, the environment and the local economy to create a great place to live.
  • Create policies that support effective land use strategies that increase quality of life for residents.

Land use in the City is also regulated by A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Visit our "Comprehensive Zoning By-Law" page for more detail.

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