Planning Fees

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Planning Fees

Official Plan/ Zoning By-law

Effective January 1, 2019

(1) Major Official Plan Amendment


(2) Standard Official Plan Amendment


(3) Major Zoning By-law Amendment


(4) Standard Zoning By-law Amendment


Major Combined Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-law Amendment


Standard Combined Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-law Amendment


Removal of Holding Provision


Zoning By-law Amendment Temporary Use


Zoning By-law Amendment Extension to Temporary Use


Temporary Use Agreement


Plan of Subdivision


Plan of Subdivision/ Condominium Application (not including 0.3 metre reserves). For greater certainty, the maximum fee shall be $8,620.00 plus $12,710.00= $20,970.00.

Base Fee $8,260.00

 plus $53.00 per lot/ block to a maximum of $12,710.00

Modification to Draft Plan Approval

- includes submission of significant studies and supporting information with circulation


Modification to Draft Plan Approval – with circulation

- no submission of significant studies and supporting information required


Modification to Draft Plan Approval – without circulation

- no submission of significant studies and supporting information required


Draft Plan Extension for Subdivision/ Condominium


Final Approval of Subdivision/ Condominium Application


Deeming By-law


Conversion from rental accommodation to Plan of Condominium


Removal of Part Lot Control


Site Plan Approval


Site Plan Approval


Amendment to Site Plan Approval


Signed Site Plan Approval – no agreement


Site Plan within watershed of Municipal Drains (deposit)


Development Agreement


Cash-in-lieu of Parking Agreement


Release or Partial Release of Site Plan Agreement or Development Agreement


Committee of Adjustment


Minor Variance Application


Consent Application


Final Consent Certificate


Combined Consent and Minor Variance

- Plus each additional minor variance submitted with the above fee



Adjournment/ Reschedule a minor variance application


Adjournment/ Reschedule a consent application


Property Standards Appeal Fee


Planning Services


Letters of Compliance


Zoning Confirmation letter


Telecommunication Application


General Planning Opinion Letter


Adjournment/ Reschedule a Public Meeting


Application Withdrawal – prior to circulation

90% Refund

Application Withdrawal – after circulation

50% Refund

Withdrawal – notice of meeting advertised no planning report prepared

25% Refund

All fees shall be adjusted annually, on January 1, by the Consumer Price Index as per By-Law No. 113-2015.

(1) Major Official Plan Amendments include any application that also requires a Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA), a significant change in policy, or a significant land use designation conversion.

(2) Standard Official Plan Amendments include changes in policy or land use designation conversion that are deemed standard by Planning staff.

(3) Major Zoning By-law Amendments include applications that facilitate a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium.

(4) Standard Zoning By-law Amendments include all other Zoning By-law Amendment Applications not covered under the Major Zoning By-law Amendment category

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