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2023 Interim Bill Notice

Installment 1:  February 28, 2023

Installment 2:  April 28, 2023


The 2023 interim tax bill will be mailed on or before February 7, 2022.  If you do not receive your bill by February 20, 2023, please contact the Tax Clerk at 905-227-6613 ext 235 or by as soon as possible. 


Failure to receive notice does not relieve taxpayers of the responsibility to pay taxes or associated late payment penalty and interest.


Please visit for available payment options including pre-authorized payment plan options. 

2022 Final Property Tax Bills

The 2022 final tax bill, which covers the last two instalments, was mailed on June 7, 2022.  If you do not receive your bill by June 15th, please call 905-227-6613 or visit the Tax Department at City Hall, as soon as possible thereafter. 

Please note the following due dates for both instalments:

  • Instalment 1: Thursday, June 30, 2022 @ 4:30 p.m.
  • Instalment 2: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 @ 4:30 p.m.

Payments are accepted the following ways:

  • By mail
  • By drop box
  • Telephone/internet banking or at your financial institution
  • In person at City Hall

When paying by mail, please enclose the appropriate tax bill stub. Please visit the City’s Payment Options page on for more information on payment methods.

City of Thorold City Hall Address & Hours

  • 3540 Schmon Parkway, Thorold, ON, L2V 4Y6
  • Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please review the reverse side of the tax bill for other important information.

Please note, failure to receive notice does not relieve taxpayers of the responsibility to pay taxes or associated late payment penalty and interest. Payments must be received by 4:30 pm on the specified due date to avoid late payment charges.

2022 Interim Bill Notice

Instalment 1:  February 28, 2022

Instalment 2:  April 29, 2022


The 2022 interim tax bill will be mailed on or before February 7, 2022.  If you do not receive your bill by February 22, 2022 please contact the Tax Clerk at 905-227-6613 ext 235 or by as soon as possible. 


Failure to receive notice does not relieve taxpayers of the responsibility to pay taxes or associated late payment penalty and interest.


City Hall may not be open for in-person payments, please check for available payment options.  Pre-authorized payment plan options and forms are available on-line at Please contact the Tax Clerk for more information.

2020 MPAC Assessment Postponed

The 2020 assessment update has been postponed until 2021 by the Provincial government.  For more information please visit MPAC 2020 Assessment Update.

MPAC COVID-19 Updates

For information on the changes to Request for Reconsiderations (RfRs) or Post Roll Amended Notices (PRANs), please visit MPAC COVID-10 Updates.

If you do not receive a tax bill, please contact the tax department (905) 227-6613.

For answers to the City's Frequently Asked Questions, please read our FAQ - Property Taxes.

Your property taxes are made up of two components: the tax rate times the assessed value of your property.

Tax Rates 

The City's tax rate is set annually by Council through the budget process. The tax rates applied to your property will depend on the property classification (e.g. residential, commercial, farm) as determined by MPAC.  For detailed tax rate information, please visit Tax Rates.

Additionally, tax rates set annually by the Region, the school boards, and the Niagara Health System are also included on your property tax bill

Assessed Value
The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for placing an assessed value on all properties in Ontario. If you have questions regarding your assessment or you feel it is incorrect, please visit our Assessment Inquiries page.
Changes to your Property's Assessed Value / New Builds and Supplemental Billings

If the property you own is under construction, being renovated or is a newly constructed building, you may not be fully assessed for property tax purposes. If the change to the property was not processed on the assessment roll by January 1st, you will be issued a supplementary tax bill(s) in the future.  MPAC can assess your property value the current year plus previous two tax years for such changes and you will be issued a supplementary property tax bill based on the MPAC assessment changes for the current year plus the previous two tax years.  These bills will be issued upon receipt of the necessary assessment information from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and may be payable in less than two installments.


If you have purchased a newly constructed home for which the current tax assessment is based solely on the value of the land, please note that MPAC will be assessing your property for the value of the constructed home.   Supplementary tax bills for will be processed by the City when the assessment change information is received from MPAC.


If you have recently purchased a home and have not received a tax notice prior to the due dates, please contact the Tax Department at 905-227-6613.

Tax Allocation

While your tax bill is issued by the City of Thorold, your tax bill also includes charges collected on behalf of the Region of Niagara, the Niagara Region school boards, and the Niagara Health System. The charges collected on behalf of the Region, the school boards and the Niagara Health System are remitted to the various organizations.

Tax Due Dates

Property tax bills are normally issued twice per year. The interim bill is prepared in February and the final bill is prepared in June. Each bill is payable in two installments with due dates on, or about the last business day of the following months:

Interim bill: February and April

Final bill: June and August

Payment must be received at City Hall no later than 4:30pm on the due date. Upon default of any tax installment, interest at a rate of 1.25% per month is added on the first day of each month thereafter. The Tax Clerk has no authority to waive penalty and interest for any reason, whatsoever.

Tax Liabilities and Failure to Receive Notice/Bill

Taxes in whole or any unpaid part thereof are due from the owner originally assessed and from any subsequent owner. Failure to receive a tax notice does not excuse the responsibility for payment of taxes and penalty. Municipal Act section 381(4) states that the Treasurer is not required to ensure that a notice/bill that was properly sent is received by the person to whom it was sent.  It is the responsibility for the tax payer to know the due dates and ensure that instalments are paid on time.  Upon default of payment, the entire installment amount or any balance owing becomes immediately due and payable and may be collected as permitted by legislation.

 Tax Certificates

Tax certificates are processed upon lawyers' request.  The request must be in written format and accompanied by the $40 fee.  Tax certificates are processed on a daily basis once payment is received.

For tax certificates that are required urgently, we strongly recommend the request be hand-delivered to City Hall or sent by courier.

Property Tax Account Inquiries & Requests for Bill Copies and Statements

Please email or call 905-227-6613 ext 235 for property tax inquiries.  To ensure the protection of personal information, property tax account inquiries will only be discussed with the property owners or authorized agents on file.  Confirmation of identity, including specific information from the prior year's tax bill, will be required with every request for information.  


If you would like to request a copy of your property tax bill or a statement of your property tax account, please fill out a Request for Property Tax Bill Copy or Statement form.   Please note, there is a $5 fee for each copy of a property tax bill or statement of property tax account.  The fee will be automatically added to your property tax account when the form is submitted.

Property Tax Relief and COVID Relief Programs

Please visit the Niagara Region Property Tax Relief Programs page for more information on programs such as the charity tax rebate.


COVID relief programs are available here:

Niagara Tourism Adaptability and Recovery Fund

Ontario Small Business Support Grant

Provincial Property Tax and Energy Cost Rebates


 Property Tax E-billing
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