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The Engineering Department is responsible for providing long term maintenance, renewal, improvement, and expansion of roads, water and wastewater infrastructure and City's assets.

  • To provide sustainable and continuously improved municipal infrastructure and services
  • To provide the highest level of service value achievable per tax dollar
  • To provide safe, driveable roadways for cars, bicycles and pedestrians
  • To optimize capacities of existing wastewater infrastructure to enable dry basements, reduce wastewater treatment costs, and to facilitate both infilling and expansion development
  • To facilitate infrastructure for well-balanced development with consideration for the needs of, and cost to existing residents and businesses
  • To monitor construction for roads, watermains, sewermains and new subdivisions
  • To create engineering plans and documents
  •  To implement and utilize GIS mapping to help catalogue and manage infrastructure needs

Engineering Procedure and Materials List

Capital Projects

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