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The City of Thorold's traffic calming policy provides guidelines for initiating, reviewing and implementing the City's traffic calming program. Identified as part of the City's Transportation Master Plan, the goal of the program is to develop a consensus for the preferred traffic calming solutions in an identified area of concern.

Traffic conditions on residential streets can greatly affect the livability of neighbourhoods. When streets are safe and pleasant, quality of life is enhanced. 

To formally report traffic safety concerns, use the Niagara Regional Police Service Hotline

For questions or concerns related to the City's traffic calming program, email the Engineering Department:

Traffic calming process

The City of Thorold manages traffic calming concerns that come in from residents through the process identified below:

  1. The request
    Resident can download and complete the traffic calming request form. A minimum of five residents who reside in the affected area must sign off on the form.
  2. Submit request form
    Resident to submit the completed form via email to Staff will respond to the request within 5 business days.
  3. Speed study
    Staff will perform a speed study in the identified area.
  4. Pre-screen
    Staff will review the speed study results and determine whether traffic calming measures are warranted for the identified area. Study results will be communicated on the study project page, to the Road Safety Committee, and to the resident who submitted the initial request.
  5. Solution design
    Staff will develop proposed solutions.
  6. Public engagement
    A Public Information Centre will be held where staff will present the proposed solutions to residents. Residents will be invited to provide their feedback to City staff for consideration in the final design.
  7. Finalize design
    Feedback received from residents will be compiled and included in a staff report to City Council. With City Council's approval, the recommended design will be implemented.
  8. Follow up speed study
    A follow up speed study will be conducted after approximately 6 months to ensure the traffic calming measures have solved the identified issues. 

Speed study criteria 

Upon receipt of the traffic calming request form, the City will conduct appropriate speed studies to determine whether speeding is a concern in the identified area. The following criteria will be used to determine next steps:


ScenarioStudy Process OutcomeResult


85th percentile speed is 10 km/h or more over the speed limit

The traffic calming process continues and public engagement will be initiated.


85th percentile speed is less than 10 km/hr over the speed limit

The traffic calming request will be reviewed by the Road Safety Committee, who will provide a recommendation to City Council on next steps.


 Types of traffic calming measures
  • Passive traffic calming measures

    • Advanced centerline and shoulderline painting. This narrows the roadway and helps drivers slow down
    • “SLOW” painted road sign
    • Additional road signage. (Ie: Children at Play Sign, Posted Speed Limit Sign, Watch for Pedestrians, etc.
  • Physical traffic calming measures
    • Speed humps
    • Stop signs
    • Speed limit reduction
    • Speed limit radar signs
    • On-street parking
    • Road narrowing
    • Round-abouts


For questions or concerns related to the City's Traffic Calming Program, please contact:

Engineering Department 

Traffic calming requests


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