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A Resting Place for your Loved Ones

We operate and care for 11 cemeteries throughout the city of Thorold; two active cemeteries, and nine historical cemeteries. Lakeview Cemetery, established in 1886, lies hidden in a secluded, wooded area on the east side of the Welland Canal, close to the Niagara Escarpment. To the west of Lock 7, Old Lakeview has a spectacular view of the ships as they start their decent down the escarpment and out to Lake Ontario. On clear days, guests are graced with Toronto’s skyline, dancing along the horizon. A variety of wildlife is often viewed scampering throughout the grounds and amongst the mausoleum and columbarium. Lakeview, painted with its many flower gardens, shrubberies and trees, provides a serene resting place for your loved ones, as well as a peaceful atmosphere for reflection.

Donate a Bench or Plant a Memory 

The City of Thorold Commemorative Bench and Tree Program provides individuals and organizations the opportunity to purchase a bench or tree in memory of a loved one. Benches and/or trees can be placed within parks, cemeteries open spaces, waterfront and trails owned and managed by the City of Thorold subject to City approval. 

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Find a Grave

Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials or add photos, virtual flowers and a note to a loved one's memorial. Search or browse cemeteries and grave records for every-day and famous people from around the world.

Lakeview Cemetery Mausoleum Development

We have exciting new plans for new Lakeview Cemetery Mausoleum with a Columbarium Wall and proposed courtyard. Below is a sneak preview of the architectural concepts showing various angles. 

 Mausoleum Design


Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO)

The City of Thorold is a licensee of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO).  Click on the following link: BAO’s Consumer Information Guide: A Guide to Death Care in Ontario for a free consumer-protection information booklet. The guide is designed to support informed consumer choices regarding funeral, burial, cremation and hydrolysis services. It is written for families and the public to know their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with organizations that are licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002

Residential Grave Fees*

Adult Grave : $1,501.77

Child Grave (1-9 years) : $571.78

Infant Grave : $522.78

Cremation Plot : $497.20

 Residential Burial Fees*

Adult : $1,585.39

Child (1-9 years) : $654.27

Infant : $606.81   

Cremation Inurnment : $482.51

Mausoleum Crypt Opening : $611.33 

Niche Opening : $324.31

 Non-Resident Grave Fees*

Adult : $2,480.35

Child Grave (1-9 years) : $787.61

Infant Grave : $701.73 

Cremation Inurnment : $678.00 

 Non-Resident Burial Fees*

Adult : $1,934.56

Child (1-9 years) : $945.81 

Infant : $770.66

Inurnment : $659.92 

Mausoleum Crypt Opening : $711.90

Niche Opening : $355.95

 Mausoleum Crypts and Niches*  SOLD OUT

Single Crypts : Prices range from $5,690.45 to $31,387.56

Single Niches : Prices range from $581.39 to $1,162.67

Double Crypts

Double Niches

 Administration & Service Fees*

Sunday Burial or legal holiday before 11 a.m. (when permitted) - Flat Rate: $1,152.60

Sunday Burials After 3 p.m. (per 30 minutes) : $230.52

Sunday Burials After 11 a.m. (per 30 minutes): $576.30

Saturday Burial Before 11 a.m. (full body) - Flat Rate : $576.30

Saturday Burial Before 11 a.m. (cremation) - Flat Rate : $403.41

Saturday Burial after 11 a.m. (per 30 minutes) : $230.52

Resident Disinterment (Subject to approval) per request : $2,305.20

Non-Resident Disinterment (Subject to approval) per request : $2,881.50

License Fee (per burial) : $33.90

Hydro (10 years) Mausoleum per request : $593.25

Copy of Deed : $29.38

Transfer of Deed : $115.26 

Ancestral Search (per search): $40.68 

*All prices listed above include H.S.T. 


For more information on our cemeteries, download the City of Thorold's 2022 Cemetery Service Delivery Review and Cemetery By-Law from the buttons below.


The Lakeview Cemetery temporary office trailer is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To make an appointment, please contact our Cemetery Services Division at 905-227-6613 x264 or cemetery.services@thorold.ca or visit us in-person at the temporary office. We have exciting new plans for new Lakeview Cemetery offices. Below is a sneak preview of the building renovations that we have planned. 

Lakeview Cemetery Office Building Renovation

Cemetery Office Design



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