MP and MPP

mp and mpp ridings

Niagara Centre, which includes Thorold, Welland and Port Colborne all have the same Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP).  The boundaries for the provincial and federal election ridings are the same.

Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament for Niagara

Niagara Centre's MP is:

Vance Badawey, Liberal

Constituency Office Location

136 East Main Street (Main Office)

Suite 103

Welland, Ontario

L3B 3W6

Telephone: 905-788-2204

Fax: 905-788-0071



Niagara Centre's MPP is:

Jeff Burch, NDP

Constituency Office Location

60 King Street

Unit 102

Welland, Ontario

L3B 6A4

Telephone: 905-732-6884

Fax: 905-732-9782



Mail may be sent postage-free to any Member of Parliament.

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