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About Canada Games Park

Canada Games Park is a multi-use, multi-generational sport, and recreation facility in the Niagara region; a community infrastructure that will continue to be a lasting legacy of the Canada Summer Games. The venue is managed by ASM Global, an independent operator following the guiding principles set forth from the Consortium Partnership consisting of the Niagara Region, the City of St. CatharinesBrock University and the City of Thorold, with the goal of benefitting the entire Niagara community fostering the spirit of recreation for all individuals.

The facilities include the Walker Sports and Abilities Centre, consisting of two NHL-sized ice-boxes (one seating approximately 1200, the other about 200), a Sport Performance Centre (6,000 square feet), the Brock-Niagara Health & Well-Being Centre (10,000 square feet), a suspended 200-meter indoor track, sport offices (8,000 square feet), and a multipurpose fieldhouse featuring four (4) gymnasiums that can be configured into a centre court, containing approximately 700 telescoping permanent seats, and are all designed to be accessible for parasport. Six competition beach volleyball courts, a cycling pavilion, storage facilities for outdoor sport equipment, and a 400-meter track-and-field facility are located outside of the Walker Sports and Abilities Centre.

Facility Rentals

Visit Canada Games Park's website for more information on programming and facility rentals.

Consortium Partnership

Learn more about the consortium partnership between the Niagara Region, the City of St. Catharines, Brock University, and the City of Thorold here




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