Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world every year on April 22nd. This day is a time to reflect and raise awareness about the impact we have on our planet. The City of Thorold recognizes the importance of Earth Day and encourages residents and  the community to contribute to keeping our City healthy and clean. 

Earth Day 2021

Due to COVID-19, the City of Thorold has added additional safety measures this year. Gatherings and group clean-ups will be postponed until 2022. The City is encouraging families to participate in Earth Day with members of their immediate household.  

Garbage Clean Up: April 18th-30th

The City of Thorold is asking residents to only organize with members of your immediate household to collect trash. 



Families can use garbage bags and gloves from their home, or visit City of Thorold Public works to pick up free supplies between Monday and Friday from 7:30AM to 4:00PM. 

 City of Thorold Public Works

1543 Beaverdams Road

Thorold, ON

L2V 1N6


Where to Pick Up Trash


Residents interested in collecting trash must limit their collection to Parks, Trails and Sidewalks. Roadways, parking lots and private properties are not permitted. 


When to Pick Up Trash


To avoid group gatherings, the City of Thorold has extended garbage collection from April 18th to 22nd. Residents are encouraged to collect trash with their families at their leisure. 


Where to Drop Off Trash


The City of Thorold will be picking up Garbage at parks throughout the City. Once you are done collecting please visit one of these sites and drop off your contribution for staff to collect. Garbage bags should be placed near existed garbage cans at local parks for staff to easily identify and collect. Locations include:


Allanburg Community Park

Battle of Beaverdams Park

Beaverdams Village Park

C.E Grosse Park

Hutt Park

Jaycee Centennial Park

Martin Street Park

McAdam Park

McMillan Park

Mel Swart Conservation Park

Memorial Park

Port Robinson Park

Richmond Street Park

South Confederation Park

Sullivan Park

Winterberry Park


Please read our page on Safe Garbage Collection before you participate. 

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