Pool Rentals

Thorold Community Pool is an outdoor swimming pool, which is available from the end of June to Labour Day each year. The pool features six lanes, a gently sloped beach entry, slide, diving board, splash pad and barrier-free wheelchair ramp into the pool.  Book the pool for your private event. The pool can be rented for Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Pool Rentals

Rental costs (no slide)
1-30 people $102.00
31-100 people $117.00
100-200 people $132.00
Private Pool Rental (with slide)
1-30 people $127.00
31-100 people $142.00
100-200 people $158.00
 Pool Rental Terms and Conditions

1. The City of Thorold does not accept any responsibility for personal injury or death of any person, or damage, or for the loss or theft of any
article of clothing, personal belongings or equipment of the applicant or organization, or for anyone in attendance. By applying for a Permit the applicant and subsequently the Permit Holder hereby waive all such claims against the City.
2. The applicant shall indemnify and save harmless the Corporation of the City of Thorold from any and all liabilities, damages, costs, claims, suits or actions arising out of the use or occupation of the premises by the applicant. Such indemnification shall continue in effect after the expiry of this agreement with respect to any such matter arising during the occupation of the said premises by the applicant.
3. Alcoholic beverages are NOT PERMITTED in City facilities unless authorized by the City in accordance with Municipal Policy and Provincial Legislation.
4. Permit Holder's must ensure their event operates in accordance with all Municipal By-Laws and Provincial legislation. These include, but are not limited to the City of Thorold Noise By-Law, Nuisance By-Law and Parking By-Law.
5. A permit may not be altered or transferred. Seven days written notice for cancellations must be given to secure a full refund. All other
cancellation requests will be evaluated and refunded at the discretion of the Community Programs Supervisor.
6. The times indicated on this permit application must include set up and take down time. The Permit Holder shall ensure that all participants have vacated the facility by the end time on their permit. If participants do not exit the facility a the end of the scheduled rental they will be charged for any additional time spent in the facility. The minimum penalty will be calculated based on 15 minutes of rental time up to the total amount of additional time spent in the facility.
7. Permits should always be held or brought to the facility by the Permit Holder.
8. No cars, other than service or emergency vehicles, are allowed in areas not designed as roads or parking areas.
9. No large accessories and equipment are permitted to be brought into any facility without City approval. Items such as piñatas, DJ equipment, portable stages and lighting apparatus require approval. All gym equipment brought into the facility by a Permit Holder must be approved by the Community Programs Supervisor. Inflatables are not permitted in City of Thorold Pool Area.
10. No tape, glue, nails, tacks or other affixing items are to be used in City facilities to hold decorations or signage without City approval.
11. No decorations or materials that may cause permanent damage to the facility are permitted. These include, but are not limited to paints,
glitter, rice, and confetti.
12. The following items are not permitted in City facilities: pressurized gas containers, candles, open flame, smoke machines, fog machines, and dry ice. The Permit Holder will be responsible for any costs associated with maintenance, damage or emergency service dispatch associated with use of these items.
13. The Permit Holder is responsible for the actions of their participants. All participants of a permit shall only use the facility and amenities listed on their permit and shall not access other areas of the facility without permission. All participants of a permit shall follow the rules and etiquette of the facility. The City holds the right to terminate this permit at any time for misuse of facilities by the Permit Holder and its participants.
14. No changes or additions to electrical wiring are to be made without written permission. Requests must be submitted to the City in ample time for implementation. All costs relating to these requests will be charged to the Permit Holder.
15. All additional costs incurred for supplementary maintenance or damages resulting from the use of the facilities by the Permit Holder, shall be the responsibility of the Permit Holder.
16. Swimming Admission criteria must be followed. Please visit www.thorold.ca/pools for information about Pool Rules and Provincial Regulation.
17. Labour costs that are not normally provided by the City will be charged to the Permit Holder.
18. Additional charges for utilities may be charged to the Permit Holder as necessary.
19. The Permit Holder shall leave the area in the same condition as before their usage. Any unanticipated labour costs incurred as a result of cleaning the facility after the Permit Holder's usage will be charged to the Permit Holder.
20. If any damage has been caused by the group, it should be reported to the City immediately.
21. The City reserves the right to withhold facilities or cancel permits for reasons such as; misuse or abuse of facilities during the permit time period, use of closed facilities by the Permit Holder, municipal strike, special events, or non-payment of required fees.
22. No refunds will be issued for withheld facilities; all other requests for a refund will be based on an individual basis.
23. All special events catering to members of the public must be approved by the Community Programs Supervisor. Additional documentation and forms may be required at the discretion of the Supervisor.
24. Rental fees cannot be adjusted by City staff. Requests for modified fee rates must be approved by Council prior to use.
25. Special events must be arranged no less than one month in advance and may not take precedence over a regularly scheduled program if inadequate notice is given for the change of such scheduled activities.
26. The City may require a damage deposit as deemed necessary.
27. It is mandatory that all City of Thorold users provide proof of insurance listing the City of Thorold (3540 Schmon Parkway, Thorold ON) as additional insured for no less than $2 million liability. COI must also include valid term dates. The City has a User Group Insurance Program in place, which may be able to provide the appropriate coverage.
28. It is recommended that all Permit Holders have first aid kits available for use by their participants. The City does not provide first aid supplies or services to Permit Holders.
29. Facity rentals must be a minimum of one hour in length.
30. The Permit Holder must ensure proper supervision of facility and guests.
31. All emergency exits must be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
32. In facilities with multiple amenities, it is the responsibility of the Permit Holder to ensure minimal disturbance to other facility users. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of City staff immediately.

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