Clairmont Street and Sullivan Avenue Road Reconstruction, Watermain and Sewer Replacement

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This project involves the replacement of road, watermain and sanitry sewer for Clairmont Street and Sullivan Avenue, a local road within the City of Thorold. Each element requiring replacement has been idenified has a high risk asset for failue due to age, material and condition.

Clairmont Street is located close to the downtown core. This project focuses on the area starting at Front Street to the west and ending at Ormond Street at the east. The work includes the replacement of 140m of 200mm cast iron watermain with 200mm PVC watermain, replacement of 110m of 200mm concrete sewer with 200mm PVC and road reconstruction that will implement the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.

The project limits of Sullivan Avenue are from Pine Street on the west and Front Street on the east. The scope of work for this section is upgrading the existing 25mm watermain from Pine Street to Towpath Street to a 150mm PVC watermain. The roadway will also follow the design provided in the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan.

Start Date:  October 15, 2019

City Staff:  Derek Kulyk, Engineering Technician,

Engineering Consultant: Steve Brant, P. Eng., Urban & Environmental Management Inc.

Anticipated Completion Date for Design:  Spring 2021

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