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Our By-Law Enforcement Division investigates and enforces multiple muncipal by-laws for the City of Thorold.

By-Law Enforcement is committed to the maintenance of community standards that contribute to improving the quality of life of residents or visitors.

The mandate of By-Law Enforcement is to achieve compliance with municipal by-laws through education, enforcement and, as necessary, prosecution.

Administrative Penalty Notice & Parking Ticket Appeals

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Commonly Requested By-Laws

Parking By-Law - No. 150-2012

Accessible Parking By-law - No. 149-2019

Yard Parking By-law - No. 147-2019

Clean Yards By-Law - No. 146-2019

Administrative Penalty By-law - No. 148-2019

Residential Licensing By-Law - No. 109-2017

Property Standards By-Law - No. 123-2007

Pool By-Law - No. 27-2008

Fence By-Law - No. 28-2008

Other By-Laws enforced in partnership with City of Thorold Fire Department, Niagara Regional Police, and Lincoln County Humane Society

Nuisance By-Law No. 20-2008

Noise By-Law - No. 37-2014

Animal Care and Control By-Law - No. 79-2017

Fireworks By-Law - No. 48-2018


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