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Thorold's Runway of Recognition Awards honour and perpetuate the names and deeds of those individuals whose athletic abilities have brought fame to themselves and their community and of those individuals whose interest in and work for sport has resulted in a climate which benefited athletes and athletics. 

Up to ten inductees are selected on an annual basis. Inductees will be presented with a plaque for their recognition.

Learn more about the Runway of Recognition Constitution.

2023 Inductees award recipients 

The nomination period closed on April 21, and inductees/award recipients were announced on May 12.

Congratulations to the 2023 inductees and award recipients who will be honoured at the induction ceremony on June 12.

2023 inductees and award recipients

  • Inductee #1: Lou Gazzola, Athlete and Builder
  • Inductee #2: Thorold Elite Track Club, Builder
  • Inductee #3: Fred Matheson, Builder
  • Inductee #4: Thorold Secondary Rowing Club, Athlete
  • Team of the Year: Thorold Anchors
  • Female Athlete: Ally Sentance
  • Male Athlete: Ryan Miotto
  • Daryl Mahler Award: Kory Yungblut
  • Michael I Egoroff 2021-2022 Outstanding Junior Athlete of the Year Award: Carson Dickinson   
  • James A Whyte Memorial Award 2021-2022 Outstanding Senior Athlete of the Year: Jack Hale
Induction Ceremony

Inductees and award winners will be honoured at the Runway of Recognition Induction Ceremony on June 12, 2023 at Amici's Banquet Hall at 5:30 p.m.

Family, friends, residents and community members are invited to purchase tickets to attend the event. Tickets are $35.00 plus applicable processing fees.

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Nomination Criteria

Community members can nominate an individual or sports team to receive an award. To be eligible to receive the nomination, nominees must fit one of the following:

1. Athlete
  • Athletes to be considered for admission to the Thorold Runway of Recognition must have been outstanding in their athletic field of endeavor or must have achieved better than average proficiency in a number of sports, even if not reaching the absolute top level in any one, in competition against peer athletes. This involves those competing on a strictly local level and those going on to district, provincial, national and international events, as well as those who enter professional sports.
  • Any Athlete nominated to the Thorold Runway of Recognition must have retired from active field participation in the sport(s) for which he/she is nominated for a period not less than three years (dating from the end of the season of the sport(s) for which he/she has been nominated). An athlete may be nominated even though he/she has not been retired for the mandatory three years if he/she has reached the age of fifty years.
2. Builder
  • Builders are defined as officials (referees,  umpires, etc.), executives, trainers, coaches, etc., whose work for sport over an extended period of time have been outstanding, whether it be in the organization of leagues and facilities, achieving a high degree of success in coaching teams and/or individuals, keeping a league or team alive, providing services of a consistently high level over an extended period of time, etc. However, just because an individual has worked many years for a sport as a builder, does not necessarily mean inclusion in the Thorold Runway of Recognition. His/her work over that period of time, or over most of it, must have been of a consistently high level with regard to services provided or results achieved. 
3. Team
  • Teams shall be eligible for recognition by the Committee under the following criteria. Each team nominated for recognition shall be judged on merit by the Committee.  A team for Wall purposes is defined as "any group of two or more athletes engaged in the same sport, who work together as a unit in that sport." The team may be made up of members of the same sex or the sexes may be intermixed. A figure skating pair, tennis doubles, curling team, cross country running team, etc., are defined as teams for our purposes. A boxer and his manager do not constitute a team.
Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Runway of Recognition Subcommittee 

Stephanie Jarvis, Program Supervisor, City of Thorold 


2022 Inductee and Award Recipients
Photo Gallery: 2022 Runway of Recognition Inductees will appear here on the public site.

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