McMillan Park Redesign Proposal

McMillan Park Redesign Proposal

Thank you for your feedback. The consultation period for the McMillan Park Redesign Proposal is now complete. 

The City of Thorold has received a proposal from the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) to construct a synthetic turf field at McMillan Park located on 30 Carleton Street North in Thorold. The park currently hosts several amenities, including:

  • A Splash Pad Playground Equipment
  • An open field area
  • A small parking area
  • A combined football/baseball field

The new field proposal intends to address a number of challenges facing Thorold Secondary School and will allow them the opportunity to expand and align its football and athletic programming with programs currently offered at other schools in the Niagara Region.

 The proposal includes the installation of a full–size synthetic turf football field with state of the art LED lighting and new bleachers. The ball diamond and existing amenities (dugouts, clubhouse and backstop) would remain in their current location. The project requires the existing Splash Pad, Playground Equipment and fencing to be relocated (location to be determined).

 Hear from the students!

Hear from staff and parents!


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