Community Better Challenge

Community Better Challenge

The ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge is a month long initiative that encourages Canadians from across the country to get active with their community. Each community will have the opportunity to track their activity as part of a nationwide competition. The top 50 communities will have the chance to receive $100,000.00 for recreation services in their municipality.

Thorold residents are invited to participate on behalf of our community. Whether you have personal fitness goals or would like to get active with family and friends, there are a variety of ways residents can get involved! Track your activities throughout the month of June for a chance to win a gift card from Front Row Sports. 

 City of Thorold Activity Badges

Don't want to download an app? We have another fun way to get involved!

There are a number of badges you can earn as part of the Thorold Community Better Challenge. Record yours or your families activities to receive digital badges. New badges will be added every Monday during the month of June.

Photo Gallery: Community Better Badges will appear here on the public site.
Select a badge from the photo gallery to start logging. 
 ParticpACTION App

The ParticipACTION App is a free program that will track activity and provide a number of resources to individuals and families. Activity logged in the app will automatically be tracked based on your location. Any activity tracked through the app by a resident of Thorold will automatically contribute to Thorold's Community Better Challenge Initiative. 



 City of Thorold Prizes

 The City of Thorold will be holding a draw for residents to win one of four $50.00 Front Row Sports Gift Cards. Residents can enter for the draw one of two ways:


Collect City of Thorold Community Better Badges


Confirm your registration for the ParticpACTION App by forwarding your ParticipACTION registration confirmation to


Please note that non-residents are not eligible to win the draw.

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