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Arena Update

The Thorold Community Arena will no longer be accepting bookings for the foreseeable future. All rentals and programs after December 24th have been cancelled as per the Ontario Government's Provincial Order.

Please continue to review this page for updates. 

 Orange Zone Rules and Guidelines
 Red Zone Rules and Guidelines
  1. Standard Terms and Conditions still apply. 
  2. It is expected that program participants arrive rink/ program ready. Participants should have all equipment donned prior to entry including skates and helmets. 
  3. If necessary, participants may done skates, helmets, and indoor shoes in the Arena. All other equipment must be donned prior to entry. Bench areas will be available in change room corridor. 
  4. Staff will meet participants at start of the hour at one of three designated entrances for screening: Arena Entrance Guide
  5. The permit administrator or designated appointee is responsible to assist staff with the screening process. This individual must remain at the Arena Entrance will staff until all participants are screened. 
  6. All persons must complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire, unless and alternative screening process has been approved by Management. 
  7. Participants must leave building immediately following rental. 
  8. The Thorold Community Arena Lobby and Committee Room will remain closed for the foreseeable future. All entrances will remain locked during operating hours. 
  9. Rental blocks must be a minimum of 1 hour in length, and must not exceed 1.5 hours. A block is considered any period of time dedicated to one set program or group of participants. All rental blocks MUST be booked separately. 
  10. The James Whyte Arena and Frank Doherty Arena/ Lobby will operate as separate buildings. Doors between two buildings will remain locked at all times.
  11.  Each rental is limited to 10 people total. The total number of participants, trainers, and parents combined may not exceed 10 people.
  12. Rental Permits will be provided on a month to month basis
  13. Payments are due by 8:00 AM, 7 days prior to scheduled rental. Unpaid rentals will be automatically cancelled. Notification will be communicated via email. 
  14. The arena office will remain closed for the foreseeable future
  15. 1. All persons entering the Arena are expected to follow the Arena Rules and Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. If an infraction occurs User Groups will be given 48 hours to provide a letter to Arena Management detailing what actions will be taken to address said infraction. If a User Group fails to take action, a committee of Senior Staff will investigate any complaints due to non-compliance and issue a penalty to the group as follows: (i) A Warning will be issued by staff upon the groups first offence. (2) Rental times will be cancelled for the offending group for 1 week with no refund upon the group's second offence. (iii) The group's permit will be revoked for the duration of the season upon the group's third offence. 

  16. Gameplay and Scrimmages are not permitted. Practices and skills clinics must be non-contact. Participants must make all reasonable attempts to maintain a 6 foot distance at all times.

  17.  Masks must be worn upon entering and leaving the facility and in all transition areas.  

  18. No food or drink is permitted in the Arena with the exception of water bottles for participants. Participants should pre-fill bottles prior to arrival and ensure they are easily distinguishable.

  19. Refunds will not be provided within the payment period. Any cancellations beyond the payment period (7 days) will be refunded. Transaction fees are non-refundable.

  20. Any person entering the facility must be a Niagara Resident. Non-residents will not be permitted in the facility as of November 19th, 2020.

  21. Persons with adapted needs may request accommodation from Arena Staff upon entry or by contacting organization representative prior to program. 





Thorold Community Arenas 

The Thorold Community Arenas are located on 70 Front Street. The Arena offers two ice surfaces and a community room. The Arena is home to many community organizations including the Thorold Minor Hockey Association, Thorold Figure Skating Club and the Junior Blackhawks!

When the ice comes out, lacrosse laces up. The Arena is also home to the Junior B Spartan Lacrosse Team. 

Visit Them on Facebook St. Catharines Spartans

The Arena also hosts the annual Craft Show and Dog Show in the Spring. 


You can book ice time through our online portal or by emailing your permit application to Arena rentals are subject to additional insurance fees. 

Arena Ice Rental  (Rates include HST and building fees unless noted)  
Prime Time Rental     
5:00 pm-11pm Monday -Friday  
8am-11pm Weekends and Holidays  
  *Frank Doherty Arena  $221.00
  *James Whyte Arena  $212.00
  *Frank Doherty Arena - Youth / Non profit (21 years of age and younger) $142.00
  *James Whyte Arena - Youth / Non- Profit (21 years of age and younger) $142.00
Non-Prime Time Rental (hours outside of Prime time)  
  *Frank Doherty Arena  $115.00
  *James Whyte Arena  $105.00
Tournaments / Full Day Rentals Ice usage  
10% discount will apply to prime time prevailing rates only, this does not apply to youth / Non-profit discounted rates.  
Arena Floor Rental  (Rates include HST unless noted)  
Prime Time Rental     
5:00 pm-11pm Monday -Friday  
8am-11pm Weekends and Holidays  
  *Frank Doherty Arena  $65.00
  *James Whyte Arena  $50.00
  *Frank Doherty Arena - Youth / Non profit $50.00
  *James Whyte Arena - Youth / Non- Profit $50.00
Non-Prime Time Rental (hours outside of Prime time)  
  *Frank Doherty Arena  $50.00
  *James Whyte Arena  $50.00
Tournaments / Full Day Rentals Floor usage  
Invoiced at prevailing hourly rates or to a maximum of;  
Frank Doherty Arena  $721.05
James Wyhte Arena $561.77
Community Room  
User fee per room per hour  $25.00


To book the facility please email us at or call 905 227 6613.

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