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Locomotives may need to be left idling due to various operating requirements, such as maintaining air pressure for breaking and starting systems in cold weather.  Where possible, many CN locomotives make use of SmartStart technology, which is an Automatic Engine Start/Stop system for locomotives.  This system automatically triggers the locomotive to either safely shut down or restart when certain parameters have been met.

CN makes every effot to maintain their properties and they are committed to business practices that protect the natural environment, prevent pollution, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources.  Waste management is important to them and they are adressing this issue with two key initiatives: removing old rail ties from their rights-of-way and esblishing an agressive waste reduction program for their buildings and yards.

Should you have any further concers about these matters or any other aspect of CN's operationas, please contact the CN Public Inquiry line at 1-888-888-5909, or via email at  A representative will follow up with the appropriate personnel regarding your concerns.

In case of an emergency, you are encouraged to contact the CN Police Service emergency number 1-800-465-9239, option #3, which is posted at every public crossing on our network.  This phone number is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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