Winter Event Parking Ban

Snow plow and snow

Winter Event Parking Ban

During a winter event, vehicles parked on the roadway prevent winter maintenance crews from clearing the roadway of snow in a timely and efficient manner.  When a snow plow is forced to go around a parked vehicle it leaves an embankment of snow which creates difficulty for other drivers and allows for a build up of snow to occur on the roadway. 

The City may declare an on-street parking ban when a weather event is in effect to allow for safe and efficient snow removal throughout the city. This will be communicated on the City's website and social media channels.

When an on-street parking ban is declared, vehicles must be removed from all streets immediately. Vehicles must be kept off the road until the ban is lifted. Parking on the roadway during an on-street parking ban is a violation of the City of Thorold's Parking and Traffic By-law (150-2012) and may result in receiving a penalty.

Alternative parking solutions

  • Park in your apron without blocking the sidewalk
  • Ask your neighbour to park in their driveway
  • Use public parking lots where available

If a vehicle remains parked on a roadway during an on-street parking ban, it may receive a $50 penalty. If a vehicle is parked on a roadway and obstructs a snowplow when it is passing by, they may receive a $100 penalty.


On-street Parking Ban Penalties
By-law ReferenceSummarySet Penalty
3.9.1.(12) Park on street during parking ban $50
3.9.1.(10) Park as to interfere with snow removal $100

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Stay updated

When an on-street parking ban has been declared and/or lifted, the City will issue an emergency alert and it will also be communicated on our website and social media channels. Residents are encouraged to subscribe to the emergency alert banner on our website to receive the most updated information during a weather event.

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