Water and Sewer Billing

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The City of Thorold, in conjunction with the Niagara Region, provides safe, high quality drinking water to residents - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Through strategic reinvestment in our water and wastewater infrastructure, we help to ensure it remains in a state of good repair.

Thorold's water and wastewater rates support:

  • safe, high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all Provincial standards;
  • wastewater services that meet the needs of the community and protect the environment; and
  • well-planned and sustainable infrastructure.

How your bill is calculated:

Water consumption is based on the number of cubic meters (m3) of water used per billing cycle.  For residences, a billing cycle is every 3 months.

The average family of four uses about 1 m3 of water per day, for all indoor water use.  This can increase significantly in the summer due to outdoor water use.

Your bill is calculated by adding your quarterly fixed-service to your consumption charge (based on your water usage).

The table below illustrates an example of the quarterly charges for a residential customer who has used 60 m3 of water:

  Rate ($) Quantity Total ($)
Water Charges      
Fixed service charge (minimum)     52.17
Consumption charge 1.419/m3 60 85.14
Sewer Charges      
Fixed service charge (minimum)     65.76
Consumption charge 1.787/m3 60 107.22
Total bill     310.29

Important water billing facts:

  • Property owners are responsible for all water charges for their property, including their tenants' use;
  • Your water meter determines property water consumption.  If the meter stops working or shows a low reading, your bill may be estimated until a new meter is installed;
  • Future budgets will transfer more of the funding onto the sewer bill and away from the property tax levy.
2020 Additional Charges
Charge per cubic meter $3.206
Charge on overdue accounts 5% one time charge
Charge for shut-off or turn-on of Water Services during working hours for maintenance $75.00 +HST
Charge for shut-off or turn-on of Water Services during working hours for arrears $90.00 +HST
Charge for shut-off or turn-on of Water Services outside normal working hours Actual Cost
Hard copy of water bill $ 5.00
Hard copy of water account $ 5.00
N.S.F. administrative charge $27.00
Water - Sewer Account Status Certificate $20.00
New account administrative fee $10.00
Transfer to taxes fee $25.00
Failure to allow installation of meter or remote (per month) $367.00
Failure to allow access to inspect meter (per month) $367.00
Water on construction - first 3 months (at building permit stage) $154.00
Water on construction - 4th month and beyond $352.00
 Water Account Inquiries
 To ensure the protection of personal information, water account inquiries will only be discussed with the property owners or authorized agents on file.  Confirmation of identity, include specific information from the prior water bill, will be required with every request for information.

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