Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

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City of Thorold Fire and Emergency Services is tanker shuttle accredited. 
View Station 2 certificate and Station 4 certificate.

What does that mean?

Issued by Fire Underwriters Survey for Fire Insurance Grading and Classification, the Accredited Superior Tanker Shuttle Service is a recognized equivalency to hydrant protection.

To be accredited for Superior Tanker Shuttle Service, a fire department must deliver a minimum flow rate of 950 litres/minute within the first five minutes of arriving to the test site, and be able to maintain this water flow for two hours.

How do you demonstrate that?

Fire departments must participate in a simulation designed to reflect a real life scenario, where a fire department has to service a fire in a rural area, with limited or no access to a fire hydrant.

A Fire Underwriters Survey evaluator was present to observe the Thorold fire firefighters during the simulation. Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the session below:

This accreditation will allow Thorold residents who live in rural areas to qualify for a reduced insurance premium, by providing proof that their property is served by their accredited fire station.

How do I know if I live in a rural area?

View this map to see where the rural areas of Thorold are located. If you are unsure if you live in a rural area, please contact the On-Duty Captain at 905-227-6412 x305.


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