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 The City of Thorold is undertaking the 2023 Rural Roads Resurfacing Program at three (3) locations within the city. The selected roads are shown on Table 1 below:


These roads are in a very poor state and have been identified for reconstruction to provide residents and the general public with continued access to other parts of the city. The decision to reconstruct these roads was based on the most recent engineering assessments and inspections completed by City staff.

Scope of work will include full pulverization of these roads, regrading and top asphalt-finishes with double layer of tar and chip. Where applicable, gravel shoulders on each sides of the road will be restored to match the elevation to finished pavement.

The locations of these three (3) roads are shown on the map below.

Public Engagement

Consultation with the general public, agencies and stakeholders is important for the City of Thorold. Public will be notified at key milestones through advertisement on City website, local newspapers, and on social media channels.

Tendering and approvals are expected to be completed between March, 2023 and April, 2023. Construction date will be determined at that time.

Project Team Contacts

Ugo Obiako, M.Eng., P.Eng., C.E.T
Project Manager, City of Thorold
905-227-6613 x294

Chris Viccica
Engineering Technician I, City of Thorold
905-227-6613 x261



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