Paratransit Service

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Paratransit Requirements

The fee for Paratransit is $3.00 per person, per ride fees are subject to change, and will be updated accordingly.

Paratransit is a service for persons who have physical disabilities that result in their inability to use the regular bus service. This refers to persons who are physically unable to:

  • Board a regular bus, which involves climbing or descending three steps or,
  • Walk a distance of 175 meters.

Paratransit Application Forms

Applications for Paratransit Services are available through the Clerk's Department and are subject to approval.

You must complete the application in order to be considered:

  • Fill out all sections of the form that apply. (this includes, your name, address and telephone number).
  • Your physician must sign and fill out their sections and include the exact nature and severity of the disability stating why you are unable to physically use regular buses.
  • Once complete, please return the form to the Clerk's Department for review.

Paratransit Application Form

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