Hydrant Flushing

Fire hydrant with water coming out

The City of Thorold's fire hydrant flushing program occurs on an annual basis every spring to ensure hydrants operate correctly and to help maintain good water quality. As part of the annual program, City staff will turn hydrants on to circulate water in city water mains. This may cause minor changes to the water consistency and pressure. This issue should be resolved by running cold water for a few minutes until the pressure returns to normal. If the water does not return to normal after a thorough tap flush (approx. 10 minutes), residents are asked to call our Public Works Department at 905-227-6613 x266 for assistance. 

The city is divided into three areas, in which City staff conduct hydrant maintenance:

  1. Decew System Area
  2. South End System Area
  3. Port Robinson System Area
2024 schedule

April 29, 2024  - The Port Robinson System Area started and this was finished on May 2, 2024

April 30, 2024 - The City began flushing hydrants in the Decew System Area and this will take a few months.

May 2, 2024 - The City is beginning the South End System Area and this will take a few weeks.  

Hydrant flushing area maps
Photo Gallery: Hydrant Flushing Area Maps will appear here on the public site.
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Residents can contact the City’s Public Works Department during business hours for more information: 905-227-6613 x266 or pubworks@thorold.ca.

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