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If a fire broke out tonight, in your home, while you were sleeping, would you and your loved ones know what to do?

Most fatal fires are preventable and those that die in home fires are overcome by smoke while trying to escape.  A fast, pre-planned escape is critical to survival! There are no second chances in a fire!

Everyone in your home should know two ways out of all areas.  Plan and practice your escape plan today! Get out and Stay out! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Family Escape Plan

Every household should have a family escape plan that provides instructions to every person in the home. Topics that should be covered include:

  • knowing two ways out of the building;
  • how to react to an emergency situation;
  • how to identify the sound of the smoke alarm or building fire alarm system;
  • where to meet outside the home to ensure everyone is accounted for; and
  • where the nearest safe place is to call the fire department.

A message from your Fire Prevention Officer

Create your own Home Escape Plan

Home Escape Planning Tips

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