Commemorative Bench and Tree Program

Planting a Tree

Donate a Bench or Plant a Memory 

The City of Thorold Commemorative Bench and Tree Program provides individuals and organizations the opportunity to purchase a bench or tree in memory of a loved one. Benches and/or trees can be placed within parks, cemeteries open spaces, waterfront and trails owned and managed by the City of Thorold subject to City approval. 

Browse through all of your options and then click on the button below to fill out the online application for your donation:

Online Application for Bench or Tree

Commemorative Benches

Applicants and choose from one of two approved bench designs:

Commemorative Benches

Larger Commemorative Trees

The City of Thorold offers a selection of trees for applicants to choose from. Tree selection may be restricted based on preferred location, availability and environmental suitability.

  • American Sweet Gum
  • Black Gum
  • Buroak
  • Chinese Elm
  • European Hornbeam
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Hackberry
  • Japanese Zelkova
  • Kentucky Coffee Tree
  • Little Leaf Linden
  • London Plaintree
  • Maple Tree
  • Red Oak
  • Shademaster Honey Locust
  • Tulip Tree
  • White Oak
Smaller Commemorative Trees for Tight Areas
  • Eastern Red Bud
  • Japanese Tree Lilac
  • Ornamental Pear
  • Kwanzan Cherry
Commemorative Bench and Tree Policy

Term of the Policy: The policy applies to bench and tree commemorations within parks, cemeteries open spaces, waterfront and trails owned and managed by the City of Thorold and as approved by the Community Services Department.

Policy Statement: The primary objective of the Policy is to provide the parameters and guidelines for citizens to participate in a Commemorative Bench and/or Commemorative Tree Program within the City’s green spaces including parks, cemeteries waterfront and trails. This policy will provide appropriate oversight and understanding of administration and maintenance responsibilities to preserve the City’s parks, cemeteries, waterfront and trails.


Commemorative Bench and Tree Policy


Fees and Charges

AODA Commemorative Bench with plaque : $3,125

Chat Bench Banner :  Invoiced at Cost

Maintenance fee for all benches due at the time of purchase – Reserve fund : $250

Commemorative Tree : $750

Granite Plaque : $320

Corian Plaque : $300


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