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Begining January 1, 2019, the City of Thorold entered into a 4 year contract (2019-2022) with the Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS). 

The LCHS has a number of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  1. Provide Animal Care, Control and Humane Services
  2. Deceased Animal removal on City Property
  3. Responsible for maintaining the By-Law respecting the care and control of animals within the City.
  4. Canine Control
    1. Responding to complaints
    2. Patrolling streets and parks
    3. Commence Proceedings, when necessary
    4. Appear in court, when necessary
  5. Humane Services
    1. Have an adequate pound to be used in addition to a dog pound, as a shelter for homeless or unwanted pets such as wildlife which is sick, injured or requiring quarantine
    2. Inspection of places where animals are used or kept
    3. Pick up Dogs or Cats and other animals that are no longer wanted
    4. Ambulance services for any animals that may be sick. injured, trapped, or caught in a way that necessitates humane involvement
    5. 24 hour emergency service for animals in distress
    6. Assistance to police and fire service, Public Health Department and other government agencies with wildlife issues, rabies control and other anumal related problems
    7. Consultant services to the City during the consideration and drafting of new by-laws or policies relation to animal care and control
    8. Other humane services as determined by the Humane Society from time to time.

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