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A Municipal Class Schedule "B" Environmental Assessment Study Report with Preliminary Design for the construction of a pedestrian linkage between South Main Street and Cross Street in the Port Robinson Area. This study will included specific concerns about the closed South Main Street Bridge to improve traffic safety, give the pedestrian safe and reliable connection between the two roads and further to the Port Robinson Ferry.

EA Start Date:  January 1, 2019
Engineering Consultant:  McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers
Anticipated Completion Date:  December 31, 2020

Online Public Information Centre was held for 30 days from September 16, 2020 to October 15, 2020 

Contact Information

Sean Dunsmore, Manager of Engineering, City of Thorold

Abu Rashed, Project Manager

Project File Report and Appendices

To view the Draft Project File Report please click here

South Main Street Bridge Environmental Assessment Project File - July 15, 2021

Appendix A - Summary of Existing Environmental Conditions
Appendix B - Bridge Check Canada Condition Survey
Appendix C - Preliminary Design Report
Appendix D - Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment
Appendix E - Cultural Heritage Impact Evaluation Report
Appendix F - Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment Report
Appendix G1 - Canada Post Mailing Routes
Appendix G2 - Notice of Study Commencement
Appendix G3 - Notice of Online Public Information Centre
Appendix G4 - Online public Information Centre Boards
Appendix G5 - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix G6 - Consultation Comments & Responses
Appendix G7 - Facebook Comments
Appendix G8 - Signed Petitions 1

 Additional Information
Notice of Study Commencement - July 23, 2019
Notice of Study Commencement - July 26, 2019
Thorold South Main Street Bridge Existing Conditions Report - October 9, 2019
Thorold Main Street Bridge - Preliminary Draft Report
ARA-CHER South Main Street Pedestrian Bridge - Draft - December 12, 2019
ARA-McIntosh Perry - South Main Street Bridge - Heritage Impact Assessment - June 8, 2020
South Main Street Bridge - Canada Post General Distribution Area
South Main Street Bridge - Canada Post General Distribution Routes
Comments Received from Residents
Council Report - June 5, 2018
South Main Street Bridge - Draft - December 12, 2019

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