How to Develop a Property

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Official Plan or Zoning By-law Amendment

1. Have a preliminary meeting with planning staff to discuss your proposal. Please contact planning to set up a meeting.

2. Apply for a pre-consultation meeting. Application form.

3. Submit your application. Application form.

4. Staff will review to ensure the application is complete. Either a complete application or not complete application letter will be provided.

5. The application is circulated to internal staff and external agencies for review and comment.

6. A public meeting will be scheduled and held in Council chambers.

7. Staff will bring forward a recommendation report for Council’s considering.

8. Council will make a decision to support the application, not support the application or defer the decision to a future meeting.

9. The notice of decision will be prepared and emailed to the applicant and to all those who requested to be notified.

10. The 20 day appeal period will begin as per the notice of decision in which an application can be appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

11. If there are no appeals and site plan approval is not required then the applicant can apply for building permit. If site plan approval is required then the applicant can submit for site plan approval.


Site Plan Control and Approval

Site Plan Control and approval is a process that is set in place to ensure new development is sustainable, well-designed and in accordance with the zoning by-law.


To view Thorold's Site Plan Review Guidelines, click here.





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