Boards and Committees

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Legislative Committees

Committee of Adjustment

Chair: John Theisen

Vice Chair: Kieran Daniels

Secretary Treasurer: Angela Nesbitt, Planning Clerk 

Members: Kieran Daniels, Peter DiPaola, Glen Jackson, Edward Pizzo, George Ravenek, John Theisen 

Terms of Reference: Committee of Adjustment - Terms of Reference 

For more information visit our Committee of Adjustment page. 

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from six partner municipalities in Niagara: Grimsby, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Thorold, and West Lincoln. The committee's mandate is to promote equal opportunity and accessibility by identifying and removing barriers for people with disabilities.  

2022-2026 Council Term Appointments to the JAAC: Janice Desroches, and Joey Hewitt. 

2024 Meetings will be held on the following Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

- January 11, 2024

- March 14, 2024

- May 9, 2024

- July 11, 2024

- September 12, 2024

- November 14, 2024

For information about the JAAC, contact the Office of the Clerk at 905-227-6613, or visit our accessibility page here: Accessibility - City of Thorold

Committees of Council

Age-Friendly Committee

Chair: Jean D’Amelio Swyer

Vice Chair: Leslie Daniels 

City Councillor: Tim O'Hare

Staff Liaison: Dave Baldoni, Manager of Community Services

Members: Muhammad Anees, Brenda Bator (Thorold Seniors Centre Representative), Barb Daly, Jean D'Amelio Swyer, Leslie Daniels, Marilyn Fraser, Gordon Michael Hayes, Joey Hewitt (JAAC Representative)  

Terms of Reference: Age-Friendly Committee - Terms of Reference


Additional resources:

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee

Chair: Rene Nand

Vice Chair: Saba Qazi

City Councillors: Henry D'Angela, Tim O'Hare

Staff Liaison: Nicholas Debono, Acting City Clerk

Members: Janice Desroches, Andrew Foster, Cameron Macpherson, Rene Nand, Dennis Nsafoah, Saba Qazi

Terms of Reference: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity Advisory Committee

Chair: Mark Freeman

Vice Chair: Joe Atkinson

City Councillors: Anthony Longo, Tim O'Hare

Staff Liaison: Jessica Abraham, Development Planner

Members: Joe Atkinson, Linda Borland, Leslie Daniels, Mark Freeman, Helen Hermansen, Kerry Royer (NPCA Representative), Amber Schmucker  

Terms of Reference: Environment, Climate Change & Biodiversity Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Heritage Advisory Committee

Chair: Anna O'Hare

Vice Chair: Winsome Stec

City Councillor: Tim O'Hare

Staff Liaison: Marc Davidson, Senior Development Planner

Members: Linda Borland, Ray Borland, Johnathan Charron, Mary Dekeyzer, Anna O'Hare, Tom Russell, Riccardo Soccio, Winsome Stec, Dave Tufford

Terms of Reference: Heritage Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference


Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Committee

Chair: Kieran Daniels

Vice Chair: Marsha Coppola

City Councillors: Mike De Divitiis, Ken Sentance

Staff Liaisons: Dave Baldoni, Manager of Community Services and Brooke Nicholson, Program Coordinator

Members: Joe Atkinson, Sean Callaghan, Marsha Coppola, Kieran Daniels, Peter DiPaola, Cheryl Gordon, Jeff Ickovich, Deborah Isherwood, Rich McCulloch, Robert Merrill, George Ravenek    

 Terms of Reference: Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Road Safety Advisory Committee

Chair: Michael Milburn

Vice Chair: Vikram Prabhakar

City Councillors: Carmen DeRose, Henry D'Angela 

Staff Liaisons: Sean Dunsmore, Manager of Engineering; Steve Santo, Manager of Public Works

Members: Donna Murphy Del Cueto, Todd Lantz (NRPS), Michael Milburn, Vikram Prabhakar, Matthew Tilbrook  

Terms of Reference: Road Safety Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Town and Gown Committee

Chair: Mayor Ugulini 

Vice Chair: Mark Lefebvre

City Councillors: Mayor Ugulini, Ken Sentance, Mike De Divitiis

Staff Liaison: Natalie Stickles, Community Relations Specialist

Community Members: Carmella Broccolo-Criger, Gary Citrigno, Marsha Coppola, Mark Lefebvre

Community Partners: Brock University Representatives: Off-Campus Housing Officer, Student Union, Brock Administration/Student Affairs, Graduate Students' Association. Niagara College Representatives: Director of Student Services, Student Union. Niagara Regional Police Services, Niagara Region Waste Management       

Terms of Reference: Town and Gown Committee - Terms of Reference

Community Liaison Groups

Active Transportation Community Liaison Group

The Active Transportation Community Liaison Group will work to encourage safe active transportation, as well as, development of new infrastructure that allows people to safely use human-powered forms of travel for transportation, commuting and recreational purposes more often.

Staff Liaison: Sean Dunsmore, Manager of Engineering

Community Events Community Liaison Group

The Community Events Advisory Group is to enhance special events within the City of Thorold and assist staff by providing input regarding planned special events in Thorold.

Staff Liaison: Dave Baldoni, Manager of Community Services

 Lake Gibson Corridor Community Liaison Group

The Lake Gibson Corridor Community Liaison Group will work toward the preservation from the Lake Gibson corridor from Allanburg to the Short Hills Provincial Park.

Staff Liaison: Marc Davidson, Senior Development Planner

Tourism Community Liaison Group

The Tourism Community Liaison Group will work to gather insight on strategies to grow tourism with the City of Thorold. 

Staff Liaisons: Tessa Buonocore, Assistant to the Mayor & Council 

Boards of Management

Allanburg Community Centre Board of Management

Chair: Kyle Berketo 

Vice Chair: Linda Prytula

Councillor: Ken Sentence

Staff Liaison: Dave Baldoni, Manager of Community Services

Members: Kyle Berketo, Steve Cecchini, Carol Clifford, Juliea Hollingsworth, Linda Prytula

Terms of Reference: Allanburg Community Centre Board of Management - Terms of Reference

Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre Board of Management

Chair:  Marty Wilson 

Vice Chair: Rae Whitty

Councillor: TBD.

Staff Liaison: Dave Baldoni, Manager of Community Services

Members: Donna Berry, Rachael Haynes, Lauren Michael, Linda Prytula, Marty Wilson, Rae Whitty

Terms of Reference: Darlene Ryan Port Ryan Community Centre Board of Management - Terms of Reference  

Public Forum Committees 

What is a Public Forum Committee?

Public Forum Committees have been established by Council for each of the City of Thorold's service divisions:

  • Corporate Services (Administration/Finance/Clerks Departments)
  • Planning and Development Services
  • Public Works and Community Services (Public Works, Cemetery, Parks, Arenas and Pool)
  • Fire and Emergency Services

These Committees provide a citizen or a group of citizens the opportunity to meet with Council, the City's Chief Administrative Officer and the appropriate Department Director or senior member of staff to discuss the citizen's concern in a less formal manner than a Council meeting.  Specific Councillors are appointed to Chair and Vice-Chair a Public Forum Committee at the beginning of the term of Council.

While we cannot guarantee a satisfactory resolution to every issue brought forward, citizens will come away with a better understanding of City policy or procedure with regard to their concerns.

How do I request to meet with a Public Forum Committee?

​Make your request, in writing or by email, to the City Clerk no later than the Monday before the scheduled Council meeting by 4:30 p.m. Your request must include a brief description of the issue so that we may prepare for the meeting accordingly.

Public Forum Committee meetings are scheduled by the City Clerk for 5:30 p.m. for 30 minutes immediately prior to the commencement of a regularly scheduled Council meeting.

The City Clerk will contact you with the meeting date and time as soon as arrangements can be confirmed.

Please contact the Clerk's Department at 905-227-6613 if you have any questions about Public Forum Committees or if you require contact information for any of the City's Department Directors.

NOTE: Insurance Claims or legal action against the City are under the purview of the City's adjuster and insurer and may not be discussed at any time with any member of Council or staff.

 Agencies, Boards and Commissions 

Thorold Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Chair: Serge Carpino 

Vice Chair: Laurie-Anne Lamothe

Secretary: Terri-Lynn Woodhouse

Treasurer: Serge Carpino 

Marketing Chair: Stephanie Gondek 

Beautification Chair: Santino Perri

Councillors: Ken Sentance, Mike De Divitiis

Executive Members: Serge Carpino, Stephanie Gondek, Laurie-Anne Lamothe, Santino Perri, Terri-Lynn Woodhouse 

Terms of Reference: Thorold Business Improvement Area - Terms of Reference

​Committee Mandate: To support and promote business in the downtown Business Improvement Area. 


Mailing Address: PO Box 1044, Thorold, ON   L2V 4A7

 Thorold Municipal Non-Profit Housing Board

​Chair: John Kenny

Vice Chair: Mike De Divitiis

Councillors: Mike De Divitiis, Ken Sentence

Members: Joe Atkinson, Karen Blackley, Dawn Dobbie, John Kenny, Edward A. Pizzo   

Thorold Public Library Board

Chair: Tony Vandermaas

Vice Chair: Larry Cohen

Councillor: Ken Sentance 

Members: Larry Cohen, Dodi Colquhoun, Jean D'Amelio Swyer, Leonard Ferry, Andrew Foster, Fred Neale, Linda Prytula, Dean Taylor, Tony Vandermaas, Elizabeth Yates        

Terms of Reference: Thorold Public Library Board - Terms of Reference

Mandate: To manage and operate the public library in accordance with the Public Libraries Act.


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