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2022 - 2026 Applications

Applications for all Committees of Council and Boards of Management will open at the beginning of Dec. 2022, and will remain open until the end of the calendar year.

Applicants for appointment must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A land owner in the City of Thorold or
  • A business owner in the City of Thorold

For questions about joining a Committee of Council or Board of Management, please email

Application Forms

Note: the Boards and Committees Application Form is not yet available.

 Boards and Committees Application

Committees of Council

Thorold Age Friendly Committee

Age Friendly Needs Assessment Surveys Report


Photographer Form - 2022/23 Wall Calendars

Sponsor's Form - 2022/23 Wall Calendars

Visit these websites for more information about Age Friendly Initiatives

Downtown Parking Committee

Committee Mandate

To examine current parking needs in the downtown area and provide recommendations with how to deal with future parking requirements.

Heritage Thorold LACAC

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

Committee Mandate

The City of Thorold has joined with five other area municipalities (Grimsby, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham and West Lincoln) to form a Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee (JAAC).

To advise and assist the partner municipalities in promoting and facilitating a barrier-free municipality for citizens of all abilities (universal accessibility), including persons with disabilities.  This aim shall be achieved through the review of municipal policies, programs and services and the identification, removal and prevention of barriers faced by persons with disabilities.

2021-2022 Minutes

Lake Gibson Corridor Preservation Task Group


Parks, Trails and Recreation Committee


Road Safety Committee

Terms of Reference - Updated November 2021

Special Events Advisory Committee


Committee Mandate

To facilitate community events such as Santa Claus Parade, Canada Day, etc.

Thorold Active Transportation Advisory Committee (TATAC)


Committee Mandate

To review and make recommendations to Thorold City Council on ways to improve human-powered forms of travel for transportation, commuting and recreational purposes.

Thorold Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Mailing Address

244 Winterberry Blvd
Thorold ON
L2V 5E4

​Committee Mandate

To support and promote business in the downtown Business Improvement Area.


Thorold Downtown Facade Technical Advisory Committee


Committee Mandate

To assess proposed facade improvements within Downtown Thorold and Thorold Centre Community Improvement Plan.

Terms of Reference 

Thorold Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Thorold Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Thorold Public Library Board


Committee Mandate

To manage and operate the public library in accordance with the Public Libraries Act.


Thorold Runway of Recognition

Committee Mandate

To honour and perpetuate the names and deeds of those individuals of Thorold whose athletic abilities have brought fame to themselves and their community and of those individuals whose interest in and work for the sport has benefited athletes and athletics.

Nomination Form         

The White Family Foundation

Thorold Tourism Advisory Committee

​Committee Mandate

To represent the community's perspective on Tourism initiatives to Council, staff and the Tourism Agent. 

Terms of Reference

Thorold Town and Gown Advisory Committee

Committee Mandate

To develop and enhance relationships, communications and policies among the university, college, students, the City, police and the community.  This mandate would be achieved by addressing issues of common concern and may include neighbourhood development/community relations, housing, the environment, economic activities, charitable/community relations, housing, the environment, economic activities, charitable/volunteer programs, recreational and cultural events, health and safety issues and academic outreach.

Public Forum Committees
What is a Public Forum Committee?

Public Forum Committees have been established by Council for each of the City of Thorold's service divisions:

  • Corporate Services (Administration/Finance/Clerks Departments)
  • Planning and Development Services
  • Public Works and Community Services (Public Works, Cemetery, Parks, Arenas and Pool)
  • Fire and Emergency Services

These Committees provide a citizen or a group of citizens the opportunity to meet with Council, the City's Chief Administrative Officer and the appropriate Department Director or senior member of staff to discuss the citizen's concern in a less formal manner than a Council meeting.  Specific Councillors are appointed to Chair and Vice-Chair a Public Forum Committee at the beginning of the term of Council.

While we cannot guarantee a satisfactory resolution to every issue brought forward, citizens will come away with a better understanding of City policy or procedure with regard to their concerns.

How do I request to meet with a Public Forum Committee?

Make your request, in writing or by email, to the City Clerk at least seven (7) days prior to a regularly scheduled Council meeting.  Your request must include a brief description of the issue so that we may prepare for the meeting accordingly.

Public Forum Committee meetings are scheduled by the City Clerk for 5:30 p.m. for 30 minutes immediately prior to the commencement of a regularly scheduled Council meeting.

The City Clerk will contact you with the meeting date and time as soon as arrangements can be confirmed.

Please contact the Clerk's Department at 905-227-6613 if you have any questions about Public Forum Committees or if you require contact information for any of the City's Department Directors.

NOTE: Insurance Claims or legal action against the City are under the purview of the City's adjuster and insurer and may not be discussed at any time with any member of Council or staff.

Boards of Management

Allanburg Community Centre Board of Management

 Terms of References - Updated December March 2022

Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre Board of Management

​Committee Mandate

To manage the day to day operations of the Community Centre.

Terms of References - Updated March 2022

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