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Closing times are local. All submissions must be clearly marked and addressed as instructed.

** Please Note: It is the responsibility of all interested parties to periodically check this website for any necessary revisions or addendums and to include such in their submissions. Any bids received that do not include posted addendums will be rejected.** 

To ensure the City of Thorold is fulfilling its obligation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act,RSO,2005, S.O. 2005,c.11 Section 6 of the Ontario Regulation 429/07 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. All Contractors that provide a service to the City will be required to complete Accessible Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation training and sign Statement of Completion to acknowledge you have received the training.

Current Tenders and Bid Opportunities
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There are currently no tender or bid opportunities.

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