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Appealing Taxes

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) prepares assessment for all properties in Ontario. The assessment is an estimate of market value of the property as of 2016 (the current base year), the 2016 assessed values are phased in over a four year period 2017 – 2020.   MPAC has not yet updated property values for the period 2021-2024, more information will be provided once known by the City.

Supplementary and omitted assessments reflect any increase in assessment due to an addition or improvement to a property.

Your yearly taxes are calculated by multiplying your assessed value by the yearly tax rate.

For more information about your property, including information on comparable properties, visit the AboutMyProperty' service on the MPAC website. For any additional questions about assessment values, contact MPAC at 1-866-296-6722.

If you think your assessment is incorrect:

If your property, or a portion of it, is classified as a residential, farm, managed forest, or conservation land, the first step is to file a Request for Reconsideration (RFR) with MPAC by March 31st of the tax year. MPAC has up to 180 days to complete its review and respond to the property owner with a decision. If you are not satisfied with the decision, an appeal may be filed with Assessment Review Board (ARB) within 90 days of the issue date listed on the RFR Notice of Decision letter from MPAC.

For all other property types, you can choose to file an Request for Reconsideration with MPAC or to file an appeal directly with the ARB.  If you choose to appeal directly to the ARB, the deadline to file your appeal is March 31st of the tax year.

RFR forms are available on MPAC's website, can be requested by calling MPAC at 1-800-296-6722, or can also be picked up at City Hall.

Appeal forms are available on the ARB's website or can be requested by calling the ARB at 1-866-448-2248.

Tax Applications

Property owners may apply to adjust their taxes to reflect a significant change in their property under Sections 357 and 358 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

Section 357 adjustments include changes due to:

  • how you use the property which may change the tax classification
  • how you use the property so the lands have become exempt from taxes
  • fire or demolition that has razed or damaged structures
  • repairs or renovations that prevent normal use of the land for at least three months
  • a “gross or manifest error' in the assessment

The City must receive applications under Section 357 by the last day of February of the year following the change.

Section 358 adjustments are due to clerical or factual errors resulting in overcharges but not due to errors in judgment in assessing the property. The City must receive applications under Section 358 between March 1 and December 31 for taxes in one or both of the two years preceding the application year.


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