Strategic Plan

2020-2023 Strategic Plan


The City of Thorold has developed a new vision for its community and a Strategic Plan focused on improving the lives of residents and supporting a strong local economy. 

Council and staff, together with our consultant, Boulevard Strategy Group, completed a strategic planning process that established a refreshed vision, mission and values for the City, set goals for Thorold’s future, and identified priority initiatives.  The process leverages input from employees, residents and businesses as well as research of community data, master plans, budgets and other foundational documents.  The process also considered emerging challenges and opportunities as a result of the City’s COVID-19 experience.

Throughout the strategic planning process there was consistent emphasis on delivering on the interests of everyday residents in Thorold and keeping line of sight to the actions and investments that have the most positive impact in their day-to-day lives.  

The final City of Thorold Strategic Plan is centred on improving the lives of current and future residents and strengthening the local economy.  The Strategic Plan is based on four goals:

 Business and Economic Growth: Foster a balanced tax base and career opportunities for current and future generations.

  1. Responsible Growth and Infrastructure Planning: Build and sustain infrastructure that generates civic pride.
  2. Vibrant, Inclusive Neighbourhoods: Create safe, attractive, accessible places for people.
  3. Service Modernization: Modernize and improve municipal service delivery.
  4. To advance these goals, the Strategic Plan includes general strategies and priority initiatives for the period 2020-2023. 


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