Procurement Portal

Procurement Portal
Welcome to our Procurement Portal

Biddingo is the City of Thorold's e-bidding platform

This virtual portal makes it easy for Sellers/Suppliers to download solicitations documents, submit questions and upload their completed bids. This e-bidding portal provides Sellers/Suppliers the opportunity to manage and update profile information at your convenience where there’s an internet connection. This opportunity to solicit bid(s) and relevant supplier data also supports the City’s most recent Procurement Policy.

Click on the button below to learn about our current Procurement Policy. Please note: the policy is currently under review and any changes, once approved, will be published here.

Procurement Policy

Our Procurement Portal also allows the City to coordinate and schedule a live tender opening online.

New Sellers/ Suppliers who have not previously registered with Biddingo, and who are interested in viewing and bidding on the City’s solicitations can register by clicking the button below.

City of Thorold Procurement Page 

Solicitation documents (Addenda, etc.) and Special Announcement of intended Procurement will continue to be advertised on the City’s Biddingo Page. To help Sellers/Suppliers with any additional information or become familiar with the bidding process, please visit to learn more.

Sellers/Suppliers may select various commodity codes for goods and services for which they wish to provide to the City. The Bidding System will then notify a Sellers/Suppliers by email of bid opportunities according to the commodity selected. Sellers/Suppliers are solely responsible for ensuring their Bidding System Account information is kept current.

Questions for any open Bid Opportunities are to be submitted through the Biddingo System ONLY by clicking “Create a New Question” button for the specific bid opportunity.

 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

The City is committed to the accessibility principles of preventing and removing barriers in accessing goods services for people with disabilities and is bound by the Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 as may be amended from time to time.

Regulations enacted under the Act apply to every designated public sector organization and other third parties that provide goods and services to the members of the public.

Please download this AODA Compliant PDF document to learn more. 

AODA Compliance Training for Contractors

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